RSL Diamond X5 White

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Shaft 6.5 – 7.5 mm Taper Shaft
Weight 87 – 89 g
Length 675 mm
Max. String Tension High Tension Up to 28 lbs
Stiff – Flex 0
Power – Control +0



T-Zone is an additional structure strength reinforcement design around the T-joint. It works to increase the feel, control and accuracy of your every shot. With the added stiffness from T-Zone design, it allows you to sense and get more feedback from your every shot, making you more accurate and in control during return shots. Even when in off centre hits, you can feel it and adjust accordingly during impact. The extra torque control will help you better change of direction when playing cross court shots with much more accuracy.

The highest grade of High Modulus Carbon currently available. Super strong. Apply only to shaft which increase its torque rigidity by 21%. Sharper, better control and more solid feel. Strategically placed so will still have maximum flex power and maximum twist reduction together at the same time. Better transfer of power from your hands to the shuttlecock. No more frame deformation, no more high string tension failure, no more incorrect stringing tension, no more losing string tension overtime.

Additional information

Weight 0.083 kg
Dimensions .675 cm

Stringed, Non-stringed


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