RSL Heat 190

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With the Super High Modulus multi-Layered Graphite Construction, our Shafts can be thinner which means a reduction in weight and increase in flexibility but still with Superior Strength and Durability.


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Shaft 7mm
Weight 88g-90g
Length 675 mm
Max. String Tension Recommended Highest Tension Up to 28 lbs
Stiff – Flex TBA
Power – Control TBA

Extender increases the Impact Zone by 11% both in X axis and Z axis. Improvement on the X axis widens the sweet spot, easier to hit at maximum power. Improvement on the Z axis enhances the string’s characteristics, allowing more depth and produce more power with total control.

This is a new technology to combine different layers of Structural Carbon and High Modulus Carbon together. It results in 19% more strength to our high tension frame. This meanss better Power transfer and more accuracy during impact.

With the new Super High Modulus multi-Layered Graphite. It is important to get the ingredient right.
Too much = Too Brittle
Too little = too weak to transfer the Power to impact.
With the right amount on RSL shafts it will give Super Durability, Flex Power and Stop Shaft Twisting.

Super High Modulus multi-Layered Graphite Construction meanss High Tension Frame when stringing and able to substain impact in doubles play.

Additional information

Weight 0.083 kg
Dimensions .675 cm

Stringed, Non-stringed


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